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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Popular N9 Won't be Coming to the States

The Nokia N9, which when finally shown gained an extreme amount of positive feedback will probably not be coming to the United States according to Nokia.  The swan song device for the OS MeeGo has been praised as the device Nokia should have built a long time ago instead of completely kicking out of the door and getting in bed with Microsoft for their Windows Phone 7 OS.  Almost everyone who has tried it has loved everything about it from its beautiful hardware to smooth operating system.   It's a shame that this device will probably be the last of its kind as Nokia attempts to stop their ship from sinking.  While it's hardware will survive in the form of the W7P sea ray the software will not unless some other manufacturer picks it up or if Nokia has a change of heart.

Even if it may be the last of its kind, people here stateside are upset that they may not be able to get their hands on it directly from a carrier and instead will probably have to buy the device unlocked and at an unsubsidized price.  When questioned as to if the device would actually come to the US by Engadget, Nokia answered with:

"After the very positive reception to the launch of the Nokia N9, the product is now being rolled out in countries around the world. At this time we will not be making it available in the US. Nokia takes a market by market approach to product rollout, and each country makes its own decisions about which products to introduce from those available. Decisions are based on an assessment of existing and upcoming products that make up Nokia's extensive product portfolio and the best way in which to address local market opportunities."

It makes sense in a twisted way. Lets be honest, the US has always neglected the high end nokia devices. While they dominated the rest of the world (before iOS and Android), they never really picked up steam here in the states. When the N97 came out a few years back, I wanted one like a mad man but no one had even heard of it which was the norm with most Nokia devices here.  However, this isn't really the US customers fault since it was actually Nokia who failed to play by US rules.

Not many people here actually go out and buy an unsubsidized phone for over $600. Nokia never really worked with the carriers to bring it to their networks and bring phones to the masses for a more respectable price. While their system worked throughout the rest of the world, it just wasn't the norm here in the US.

Once they get WP7 on this thing, this pattern is going to obviously change. Microsoft isn't going to make such a big partner and then fail to bring it to their home country.  In fact, Sea Ray has already been through the FCC carrying AT&T bands with it.

Source:  Engadget


  1. Looking at that app drawer I feel an Apple lawsuit followed by a german ban coming on...

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  3. Lol, you would think. Nokia isn't the company it used to be but it still has the ability to do some serious damage in the courtroom. Compare it to a legal post Soviet Union Russia.

    That and this is the last of a dying line of phones, unless someone else picks up this OS, Apple simply sees this as a side project with no real monetary value.